How to Play Idle Miner Tycoon – Mine Manager Simulator

Experience managing your mine and getting rich effortlessly through Idle Miner Tycoon – Mine Manager Simulator. In this game, you don’t need to invest too much time and effort. Moreover, getting rich is just a few clicks away. All you need to do is to make your miners work and have your managers take charge. Becoming a millionaire has never been so much easier. Take a sip on your piña colada, relax, and enjoy being an industrial tycoon in this game.

But before anything else, everyone has to start somewhere. If you were wondering how to play this game, you’re in luck. Take a look at how Idle Miners become rich and learn a thing or two.



Become a Diamond Mine

In this game, you will be mining various minerals. As part of your humble beginnings, you will be mining coal first. Later on, you’ll progress to better and more valuable minerals. From low-level minerals, you may eventually find yourself mining gems. Just keep on going at it until you reach the elusive diamond mine. Every miner knows that mining diamonds are the goal. They’re the most valuable in terms of price. Also, you’ll make a killing with them.

Find Valuable Minerals to Sell

Aside from Diamonds, you may find different minerals embedded in your virtual piece of rock. Diamonds are just the pinnacle – your miners may eventually find better minerals. Consequently, it will bring the profits of your already productive diamond mine even further. Dig deep, dig faster idly, and assign managers to oversee your operation. Even without a diamond mine, you may still get richer if you know how to manage your mine and do it properly.



Invest in your Mine & Workers

While your miners may not get much, it’s a team effort to get everyone the pay and money they deserve. Your miners are already doing the hard labor for you. Finally, it is up to you to develop ways to make your miners more efficient and earn more profit. You must invest in your mine and your workers. You can start by providing better conditions for the workers. Also, you can buy expensive equipment for them as well. All these will be worth it since it will make the operation more profitable. Always remember, a great boss produces great workers.

Expand your Empire in Idle Miner Tycoon

You cannot dig in one place forever. At one point, the mine will dry up or yield less minerals. This could be detrimental to your career as an industrial tycoon! Now, it is your duty to search for other places to dig. The map is huge, there are a lot of mining opportunities all around. Besides, you never know when one place will become your literal and figurative diamond mine. Just keep going, idle mine manager!