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Start Your Idle Miner Tycoon Journey to Millions

Mining is one of the most lucrative industries for many decades now. This venture has made many millionaires and billionaires out of landowners and mine owners. If you are curious about managing and owning a mine, you can play Idle Miner Tycoon – Mine Manager Simulator and see if you can grow your Mining empire real quick!

Make huge piles of money by digging and collecting gold, gems, minerals, and other precious stones from the depths of the Earth. Sell them to collectors and processors, and become one of the largest suppliers of precious stones and jewels in the world!

Becoming an Industrial Mining Tycoon is not just about owning a mine, it is also about managing that mine and expanding the business as well. See if you can become the game’s richest Mining tycoon by climbing up in the global leaderboards! Play Idle Miner Tycoon PC now.


Manage Your Mine and Money

Your success as a billionaire tycoon lies in how well you can manage people and money (of course). You have to make sure that your people are working in the utmost efficiency and productivity.

Aside from that, you have to be smart about your money. Make sure you are making the right investments in the right places – expand your mine or buy new ones where you can dig up new types of resources that can gain you more profit!

Manage your mine and finances wisely, and you will quickly become a multi-millionaire mining tycoon in this Idle Miner Tycoon game! Explore new mines to buy, and you might just get lucky and strike Gold in one of those places. Earn as much money as you can – whether you play the game offline or offline. If you manage your mining business well, the gems and money will keep flowing to your coffers!



Hire People

Making more money on Idle Miner Tycoon is not possible if you don’t know how to automate your workforce and processes. To automate, you need to hire effective managers that can stand in your place. You need this, especially when your mining business has expanded to many other locations or places.

This is where your business-making decisions will be put to the test. With the initial profits you earn, you must manage the finances properly and hire the best managers and miners in town. Good employees can help you double your profit in no time. But of course, you also have to compensate your workers well to keep them productive, efficient, and happy!


Automate Your Processes

Aside from paying your workforce, you need to maintain and upgrade your mining equipment. This will cost money, but a better set of mining tools and equipment will also help increase your profits to large proportions – so it is still a sound investment! When you have more mines under your portfolio, you have to make sure that each mine has up to date equipment that can ensure safety among your workers, and better mining profits for you.

Each manager you get will have a unique and special tycoon booster ability. To activate this, you must keep them happy! To do this, you have to make sure that you pay them well regularly, and you have to provide safe and upgraded gear and equipment from time to time.

Productive employees and upgraded equipment automate the business process for you, and this allows you to earn boatloads of cash without even tapping or clicking on anything. Yes, this is not like your usual idle clicking game where you have to tap idly just to make money, because a huge chunk of the process can be automated to create more passive income!


Build Your Mining Empire!

A free Idle Miner Tycoon download for PC is waiting for you here. Download now and start growing your mining empire using your tight management skills, wise decision making, and good business sense. There are also levels and prestige features that you can achieve as you go high up with your profits!

There are tons of precious stones and gems that are just waiting to be discovered under the Earth. Mine for 15 different resources such as Gold, Diamond, Ruby, Moonstone, Amethyst, Crystal, Jade, Copper, Coal, and more! Collect all these resources in 20 different mines that you can own and manage as a mining business tycoon.


Earn Profits From Idle Miner Tycoon – Online or Offline!

The best Idle Miner Tycoon tips that you can get is the fact that you will continue earning huge profits and cash even when you play offline! The game will keep churning your revenues and profits as long as you open and play it.

You don’t even have to tap or click idly, because the offline and online money-making scheme can be automated when you invest in the right managers and equipment! Get a free Idle Miner Tycoon download for your PC today. Watch out for updates and get Idle Tycoon 2 when it comes out. But for now, check out the amazing free Simulation Games for free download, like The Sims™ Mobile and Tiny Rails!

Game Features

  • Become a multi-billionaire mining tycoon in no time!
  • Expand your mine to 20 locations and dig over 15 types of resources.
  • Hire managers and automate your mining process!
  • Upgrade your mining gear and equipment.
  • Earn profits whether online or offline!

Play now!

Check out these game screenshots.

Idle Miner Tycoon – Mine Manager Simulator Screenshot
Idle Miner Tycoon – Mine Manager Simulator Screenshot

Manage Mines to Get Big Money on Idle Miner Tycoon | PC Game